Warrior Shootout 2021
Mar 06, 7:00 PM
Harbor Master Tiki Hut Bay Pines Marina
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Reeling Freedom’s Warrior Shootout 2021 Inshore Charity Fishing Tournament

Captains meeting Mar 4th at Bay Pines Marina, 5000 92nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33708. Attendance by least one member from the team is mandatory in person. Fishing will start at first light on the morning of Mar 6th.

Registration Fees / Divisions

·       Team Registration Overall

             o   Team (4 Anglers per boat) $200

             o   Payouts will be 50% of total entries – For example; 40 entries of $200 equals $8000, 1st prize would                     be 50% of $4000 or $2000, 2nd 30% of $4000 or $1200, 3rd 20% of $4000 or $800

·       Kayak Division

             o   $100 Single Kayak Angler

             o   Payouts will be for 3 places, 75% of total entries will be split up 50% for 1st, 30% for second, and                        20% for 3rd

             o   Kayak   prizes from local vendors

·       War on 22 memorial TWT

             o   $FREE for a  redfish closest to 22” in memory of our fallen heroes. Prizes TBD

·       Take a Veteran TWT - $50

             o   Captains will be assigned a veteran at the Captain’s meeting by raffle from our list of Veterans.

             o   100% of total entries will be paid to the Veteran’s captain that turns in the largest overall slam as                         per the tournament rules.

·       Rules and Registration

             o   The Rules and Prizes of this tournament are subject to change up until the Captain’s meeting on                          Mar 6th at  Bay Pines Marina

             o   Captain’s meeting is MANDATORY for at least one member of the team and all Captains and                                  Kayakers must sign waiver prior to fishing. All teams will be required to pick up the official                                    tournament ruler prior to tournament start the day of.

             o   Token will be drawn assigned via live broadcast on the Reeling Freedom Fan Page on Facebook and                    published on the tournament website. All teams are responsible for obtaining their own token                              which will be a playing card drawn March 1st.  <>

·       Teams

             o   Team Division - The motorized division will consist of no more than 4 anglers per boat. A captain                          may choose to take more than one veteran if possible, Captains are responsible for their own                                vessels capabilities. If a Captain chooses to take more than one veteran only one Veteran TWT                              maybe entered. Each team will be considered a single entry for the overall division or TWT prizes.

              o  Kayak division - Will consist of single person entries using a NON-Motorized kayak, paddle board,                        one-person flotation, wade or shore anglers.


·       Format

             o   This is a strictly catch and live release tournament, digital photo tournament. All digital photos must                    include your official tournament ruler and token clearly displayed. All photo’s must be taken on                           March 7nd during the hours of your division. If there are any unclear photos or photos are missing                       the tournament token and ruler they will not be accepted and will be disqualified. Time and date                           stamps must be visible or assessable in each entry. All anglers must provide the tournament                               directors a copy of this phone via SD card or email at the time of weigh in. No photos will be                                 accepted via email and all anglers must check-in in Person at weigh in. Tournament committee will                     not provide any special cables or equipment at the time of weigh and all participants must provide                       the necessary cables to transfer those photos to the tournament committee. All photos will become                     the property of Reeling Freedom when transferred during weigh in and are subject to use online and                   social media.

              o   Pictures of fish must be taken with tournament ruler with token, and fish facing to the left in all                         pictures. Fish must be placed flush against ruler line with the tail to the right pinched and clearly                         show overall TAIL length of fish. A crew member must accompany the fish photos during the weigh-                   in. All digital entries must show the ENTIRE fish and clearly show overall length. Any photos that are                   not clear and concise will not be used and will be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament                         committee.

              o   $40 Refundable Tournament Ruler deposit at Captains meeting.

              o   In the event of a TIE the first team or kayak angler that registers (in person) their catch will be the                     winner.

              o   Kayak division will start at first Safe light, safety is our highest priority!

              o   Boundaries for this tournament will be from Cedar Key (29’ 8.25” N) to Boca Grande (26’ 42.3” N) on                     the west coast of Florida.

              o   All tournament entries must be in the weigh in line no later than 4pm on March 7th. NO                                         EXCEPTIONS! If a team arrives at 4:01pm after weigh line has close that team or angler will be                             disqualified for entry.

              o   All tournament decisions and/or disqualifications are subject to review by tournament committee.                       All decisions by the tournament committee are final.


·       Categories and Prizes

               o  Largest combination in length of each species Snook, Redfish, and Seatrout. Only one fish of each                       species will be accepted as tournament entry. If no team or angler catches a slam the largest                               combination in length of one fish per species will be accepted. For example, if no team or angler                         catches a Snook the longest total length of Redfish and Seatrout will determine the winner.

               o  Cash prize of 50% of total entries will be broken up as follows based on 40 total entries; For                                 example; 40 entries of $200 equals $8000, 1st prize would be 50% of $4000 or $2000, 2nd 30% of                       $4000 or $1200, 3rd 20% of $4000 or $80

               o  Kayak/Paddleboard prizes are as follows; Payouts will be for 3 places, 75% of total entries will be                       split up 50% for 1st, 30% for second, and 20% for 3rd Kayak prizes from local vendors

·       Legal Rules

               o  Two or more boats may NOT come into contact after tournament start in any manner, NO                                       EXCEPTIONS!

               o  Sportsmanlike conduct is expected always on the water, before, during, and after event. Your team                       is subject to disqualification and will be banned for all future events if these rules are not followed.

               o  All fishing and angling methods must comply with current Federal and State regulations as state                         by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the US Coast Guard.

               o  This is a Captains Choice tournament. It is up to the discretion of the registered captain to                                    determine whether his or her craft is seaworthy for existing sea and weather conditions. The                                captain is responsible for all members of his/her crew both on and off the water. Your vessel should                    be insured and Guides must have current insurance and licenses.

                o   You must catch and reel the fish to boat by hand held, no motorized rod and reel. Live OR artificial                    bait IS allowed. No Cast Nets will be allowed to catch and photo fish. Your vessel and kayak are                            subject to inspection as the tournament committee deems necessary. Landing nets are acceptable                      after fish is reeled to vessel.

                 o   The tournament committee has the right to refuse entry to any applicant. In the event such                                refusal occurs, 100% of the applicant’s entry fee will be returned if previously accepted.

                 o   All Registered boats must comply with State and U.S.C.G. safety regulations. All decisions of the                     Tournament Committee and Weigh Master are final.


·       Protests

                 o   Any team or angler may choose to protest in any division by paying a $500 deposit after all                               entries have been completed. The $500 deposit will be refunded if protest is upheld, if not the $500                     protest fee is non-refundable. Protests must be filed within 15mins after the announcement of                             winning prizes. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE ARE FINAL.




Palm Harbor, FL

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